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One of the most difficult experiences we all must endure is losing a loved one.

Many decisions must be made when survivors are already troubled with grief:

Pre-planning your final arrangement is a thoughtful and loving gift to your family and friends. While it is difficult to face our own mortality, it is just as difficult for family members who must handle one of life's most traumatic events. Your guidance in planning exactly the way you want to be remembered will relieve some of the emotional burden during their time of grief.

Peace of Mind

Our Funeral Directors at All Faiths of the Pines are here to help educate all families about their options in pre-recording their final wishes.

Pre-arranging your final wishes with All Faiths of the Pines is a considerate and genuine way to show you care. By pre-arranging your funeral, you take the burden off of your family when the need arises. Your family will not be overwhelmed with making major decisions during their time of grief. Also, all pertinent information is recorded with our counselors at All Faiths of the Pines, so that it is never lost and family members are relieved of having to track down information during a time of stress.

By planning your funeral ahead of time, you can be remembered as you want to be, with selected music and services that compliment your personality and lifestyle. You can have peace of mind knowing that the services you plan will be the services used.

Pre-recording your wishes also allows you the time to make difficult choices not dictated by emotion or time limits. Whether you want to be cremated or interred, or have not decided yet, our funeral directors will be there for you every step of the way to answer any questions you may have.

Our funeral directors are knowledgeable in the funeral service industry and state laws. We will provide you with detailed information on funeral planning and help you arrange your wishes on paper.

Quality You Can Trust

Our mission is to provide each of our families with thoughtful and sincere care as if they were a member of our own family.

While our firm embraces the historical significance the funeral director has had in so many communities throughout America, we realize the face of the industry has changed. The focus on families served has changed to a focus on profit alone. At All Faiths of the Pines, however, we can claim local ownership which allows for us to return to the community its investment in our services. With unique offerings and a forward-thinking staff, we can provide better service and value compared to other funeral homes in Central Texas.

We have continually provided the widest array of funeral and cremation service offerings to meet all families' needs. We are proud to serve families choosing cremation, unlike many other "traditional" firms. We are also the only area service provider responsible enough to participate in the Cremation Association of North America. We insist on the highest standards in our crematory operations and endorse all regulations and ethics initiatives to have all crematories in compliance with professional standards.

Every life is unique, shouldn't every service be? We encourage special music, video tributes, dove and butterfly releases, military honors and much more. We have more resources than any other area funeral home to help personalize your service. Our funeral directors are always available if you would like more information or have any special requests.

Services You Can Afford

Our funeral directors provide all families with the flexibility to pay for their pre-arrangements monthly, or in full at the time of pre-recording. Our plans are meant to meet the budgets of all of the families we serve.

At All Faiths of the Pines, we respect each families' right to choose a tasteful service that celebrates the life of their loved one, as well as meets their budget. We are the leaders in low cost, high quality services in Central Texas, and with the availability of making monthly payments on pre-arrangements, its no surprise that more families are choosing to plan their services ahead of time through All Faiths of the Pines. Stop by our Smithville location or look on our website for prices (click here for prices).

Our hope is to make funding as simple as possible for you. You can lock in today's prices for the future by opting to pay for your services in full during the pre-arrangement or by choosing a flexible payment plan to fund your arrangement so that the cost of your service is covered.

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